Exhibitor Shipping Info

Shipping items to Building 240:

Use the below steps to ship items to B240 – TCS Conference Center.  Your items will be held in a storage area until the event.  Please ship for arrival three (3) days prior to event start to allow for time to be moved from shipping/receiving to B240.  Please make sure to have your company name and the name and date(s) of the event on the shipping labels.

  1. Shipping address:
    • Angie McKay
    • B240 – TCS Conference Center
    • (Name of Event and Event Date(s))
    • Argonne National Laboratory
    • 9700 South Cass Avenue
    • Lemont, IL 60439 USA
  2. Send email to tcsconferencecenter@cels.anl.gov with the below details
    • Description and quantity of items being sent (ex: 1 box swag and 1 black exhibit case)
    • Event name and date(s)
    • Date expected to arrive
    • Courier (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.)
    • Tracking information

We cannot process return shipments.  Exhibitor is responsible for making arrangements for items that need to be shipped back.  Attach the pre-paid, return labels to items and leave in the conference center registration room.  Email tcsconferencecenter@cels.anl.gov with the date, time, and courier you scheduled the pick-up with.  We will have items moved to B240 dock on the morning of the scheduled pick-up.  The driver will need to call 630-252-0294 when they arrive at B240 east dock for access.

Additional Contact Information:
TCS Conference Center Manager
Angie McKay: 630-252-1534