Transportation is handled by the Rigging & Transportation Group. Submit a Vector ticket for your transportation needs.

The Rigging & Transportation Group provides the following professional services:

  • Bus, van, and sedan driving services for local area Laboratory-associated travel for up to 14 passengers
  • T-Run services and hazmat transportation
  • Consultation on equipment moves and transportation
  • Heavy rigging, including transformers, magnets, HVAC units, and glove boxes
  • Rigging critical lift plan development
  • Laboratory scientific equipment installations and demolitions
  • Loading and unloading of local and long-haul trucking deliveries
  • Office and laboratory furniture moves
  • Onsite equipment transportation, including logistical support
  • Operation of specialized lifting equipment

Rigging & Transportation Group personnel are OSHA/ANSI trained in the following:

  • Qualified Signal Person
  • Mobile Crane Inspector
  • Qualified Operator in Overhead Crane, Fork Lift, Material Handler, Scissors & Man Lift
  • Radiation Worker
  • Qualified Rigger

Hours of Service

  • The Rigging & Transportation Group has operating hours of 7A to 3:30P.
  • Hours for daily services such as cylinder/dewar filling, mail, and T-Run delivery are 7A to 3:30P.

Service Cost

All associated service center costs are based on hourly rate and can be broken down into half-hour increments.  Contact Rigging and Transportation for current rate.