Catering and Alcohol


  • Notification of catering is required at time of reservation.
  • The sponsoring group is responsible for all catering arrangements.
  • Sponsoring group or caterer is responsible for clean up (except trash removal).
  • All coffee pots, crockpots, tea kettles, etc. used in the conference center must be plugged into wall outlets. Do not use extension cords or power strips.
  • Sternos are not allowed without prior approval to the facility management team.
  • Outside caterers must have a Certificate of Insurance on file with the facility management company.


The preferred caterers for 240 – TCS Conference Center events are the following:

Argonne Guest House
Kathy Dangles
Phone: (630) 252-2010

Ali’s Catering LLC
Michelle Pollos
Ali Tucker

Stephanie Kerber
Phone: (312) 442-2514


Alcohol may only be served in the conference center space in accordance with Argonne policy (LMS-POL-63) and notification to the conference center manager at the time of the reservation.  Only the preferred caterers may be used to sell and serve alcohol.